Monday, 20 October 2008

Welcome to the Loop blog

Tired of always having to travel out of Macclesfield for an art fix and thwarted by a lack of what's on information we started the Loop. Two women at the kitchen table with a wind-up laptop and only coffee for fuel.

But why a blog?
  • To compliment the existing Loop, by bringing your attention to events that occasionally fall between Loop issues or, that are arranged at short notice - viva spontaneity!
  • To hear what you've been out to see and what you thought about it. Be it a great exhibition, a dreadful film or an inspirational performance.
  • And vitally, to become a communication point for 'cuturally-minded of Macc'.
You can post a review by clicking on leave comment. Keep it cultural, keep it clean-ish but do share your views.

Best wishes the Janes.