Sunday, 2 August 2009

The Absolute Wonder of Windystock

What a fantastic event!!! An absolute success....

Windystock was everything and more than expected. The loop arrived in time to see the Merchants of Cool take to the stage and change the weather. Followed by the melodic tones of Helen Walford (supported by the unsung Steve Smith) on the acoustic stage. Things just continued to improve from there, through to the pure talent that makes up Rough Twist and the headlining Virginmarys (pictured above courtesy of Even the weather couldn't damped the spirits.

I'm writing no more in the hope that at least a loop reader or two will come forward with a review. Waiting to hear from you...

the Janes.


GirlBoy said...

Amazing show by all involved :) Good venue and the weather didn't matter, the acts and people, both organisers and patrons, were wicked!

Big shout to Rough Twist, the amazing Dead River Disco :) Birdie and The Virgin Marys

Loved it, hope to do it all again next year!!

The Merchants of Cool said...

A huge vote of thanks to Don and Warwick for the organisation.

The Merchants of Cool enjoyed playing and watching the other bands and not forgetting the Belly Dancers.

The Virgin Marys and Rough Twist were exceptionally good - nice one guys!!

The whole event was simply magical. Lets hope for good weather next year.

Steve Kowalski
The Merchants of Cool

Anonymous said...

Thanks GirlBoy we worked hard and hope we can do it all again next year, even better. I think everyone enjoyed it despite the weather.

The bands and acoustic acts were fantastic, giving their time and effort for free, Windyway really appreciate their efforts they were all brilliant.
Thank you to everyone

GazBrad said...

A great event, this has just got to be done again next year. Did the whole camping thing and enjoyed every minute. Weather? What weather! A light drizzle I think.

The bands were great, the beer tent was great, the food was great. You get the idea.

Here's to three legged dogs, muddy fields and good music. Hope the charity made some good money.

Cheers everyone, we'll be back.

Anonymous said...

Great little festival in a really beautiful location.

The acoustic stage made the day in my opinion, I'm not fan of cover bands, particularly at festivals, and there were far too many covers being played on the main stage by bands who were undoubtedly good musicians, but rather than pen their own songs, preferred to stick to the usual old crowd pleasers. Old Yellow and The Tensions were among the exceptions and played storming sets but should've been on later in the day, playing to more people!

The acts on the acoustic stage were an eclectic mix of truly original artists all doing their own thing very, very well.

Curator Helen Walford and her band Dead River Disco had some lovely understated melodic moments. Dave S, who had come from Prestwich to play, captivated the crowd with his dark acoustica. Alexis McClean and partner played her own brand of off-kilter folk to an admiring crowd. Former Virginmary, Chris Birdsall and his homemade "box of stomp" took things up a notch, drawing comparisons with The White Stripes and even Seasick Steve, with his lovely blues inspired music. The headline band came in the form of little known band Glass Ankle. The music was refreshingly simple and catchy with haunting moments; there is no-doubt this band can craft great songs. Their lyrics seemed to take inspiration from Japanese culture and I found out later that this was because the lead singer had recently returned from an 11 month excursion to the land of the rising sun. The performance also included video projections which added another dimension and drew the crowds in with footage of skate-boarding dogs and monkeys bathing in outdoor spas, amongst other clips again from Japan. Glass Ankle were an unexpected highlight of the festival and with more gigs and exposure I believe this band have potential to make some waves in the enormous musical sea.

So yes, a great day! Macc needs events like this and it was awesome to see so many people there supporting and enjoying iton Saturday.

Congrats to the organisers and to Windyway.

bluefunkster said...

It is indeed warming to read all these fantastic comments from some of the many people who came and supported the inaugural 'Windystock Festival'. I thank them all for their support and I am thrilled that everyone's effort was so greatly appreciated but most of all that it was a financial success for for the charity Windyway. All those involved with the sanctuary are a fantastic bunch of people and are proper grafters who work tirelessly for the cause. It was a privilege to put on this event with them and would be proud to do it again next year. Garry the Hat

Anonymous said...

HUUUUUGE thanks to GARRY and Don and the Windyway Ladies, for the tireless efforts in the run up to and the event.

And breakfast......well....Wonderful idea!!!!

Also thanks to Simon for a great sound!

Thanks to Helen and all of the talent that supported her on the acoustic stage, you pulled it off wonderfully! (better sound system needed there next year i think).

Virginmary's - ace as ever! no surprises there then.
Unshaggables - what a wonderfully refreshing twist you bring to a fantastic live performance lads!
Old Yellow - Nice set from a new band alot of promise there!
RoughTwist - Absolutely Nailed it!
Cactus Moon - A line up of top-flight players working together perfectly.
The Tensions - GO ON MY SON!
Black Dog - very nicely done Troo!!!
Skipping Madrid - Blinding start to a blindin day - keep at it!

Big thanks also to the Bar people!

And last but by no means least thanks A MAAAAASSSSSIVE thanks to the neighbours for being very accomodating to the whole thing!