Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Maxonian Society: a voice for Macclesfield?

Who are they? The Maxonian Society is comprised of individuals who are passionate about the preservation, environment, arts, culture and heritage of Macclesfield and the surrounding area. They want to help inject some life into our old town and create a place we can all be proud of.

As we know we have so many things going for us in Macclesfield. We are on the main London/Manchester train line; we are near to the airport, to Manchester itself; and we are the gateway to the Peak District. The Society believes that we should be benefiting from these advantages.

With that in mind The Maxonian Society feels the council need to do more to improve the town itself. Well thought-through action is needed now. A new town centre built in a few years will not help the problems we are facing today.

This is your chance to really participate and join forces with like minded people. If you are interested in making Macclesfield a better place, have a look at the Maxonian Society website .

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