Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Out of town: Classic motors

Having abandoned the loop nerve centre (the kitchen table) over the Easter weekend the Janes are back at the key board and scouting the town and environs for good things to do.

There is the usual wonderful monthly Farmers Market at Cloverbank Farm this Saturday (18th April, see previous posts) with extra new lambs in attendance and excitingly a 'Festival of transport' over in Sandbach. The loop (well half of it actually) is car mad and likes nothing more than scrutinising the dash board design of a 1950's family saloon. We also love to stand infront of steam organs conducting the pipes... That aside this two day event sounds pretty good though with lots of un-motor related elements for those who don't share the obsession.We are are strangely drawn to the 'Monkey March' in particular.Oh and its free entry too.

Sat 18 & Sun 19 April

Sandbach various venues

01270 766238 or google them.

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