Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Roll Up, Roll Up

Fourpenny Circus: a poetry roadshow
The people who brought you 'Bunch of Fives' bring you a glorious new poetry roadshow: not performance poetry, but good poetry and well performed. They really want to keep attracting not only an established poetry audience, but also those newcomers to poetry who found Bunch of Fives exciting, thought-provoking and even, memorably, 'intellectual Viagra!'

The Fourpenny Circus brings its Little Top to near by towns - they will cut a poem in half, juggle words and mix the melancholy, the mirthful and the marvellous. Jo Bell, John Lindley, Andrew Rudd and Joy Winkler (directed by Kevin Dyer) embark on a tour which includes Cheshire and Manchester dates.
Details from www.fourpennycircus.co.uk

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