Thursday, 23 April 2009

Some of you will have seen and heard Stephen May earlier this year reading from his novel TAG. As a follow up to that, a few words from Stephen:
"I'm up for this award - Welsh Book of the Year (possibly I have mentioned it?) but there is also a readers award run by Media Wales where the general public can choose their fave of the ten books on the list.
I'm organising my support and obviously by voting for me you are, in some small way, sticking it to The Man - kicking against everyone who ever said it couldn't be done. It's a vote for dreamers, procrastinators, the shy and unbeautiful everywhere. It's a vote for the miners, for Tony Benn, for George Bailey, and william Blake. It's a vote for messy real life, over slick presentation. A vote for the quiet and the awkward, over the fluent and the driven.
A vote for humanity... Yes we can...
and here's the link. If I win it gonna give it all away/to a registered charity/all i need is pint a day... etc"

Put him out of his misery and vote for him at:

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