Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Space stories

Story Space Day at Jodrell Bank

Saturday 13th June 2009 - programme starts at 12 noon

Jodrell Bank teams up with the University of Manchester's Centre for New Writing for Story Space! Join Poet John McAuliffe, Story Teller Gina Perry and Astronomer Tim O'Brien for a day of story telling and poetry about the stars, planets and the wonders of the Universe!

Astro-poetry with John McAuliffe: Go along to Jodrell Bank's Hot Spot Pavilion for a series of fun workshops based on Astronomical Alphabets - from Algol to Zubenelgenubi - they hope to have their camera ready so they can upload videos of the best poems to their website.

Space Travellers Tales: If it's fine, join Gina Perry for a meteorite's journey across the Solar System via Jodrell Bank's Planet Path. If it's wet, join Gina in her space colony in their Hot Spot Pavilion, where she will tell the meteorite's tale in a dryer environment! Then - see if you can tell a Six Word Story about the Moon and Space. Will yours be strong enough to be bounced off the Moon in July?

Stars, Stories, Constellations: Go along to Jodrell Bank's Lecture Room and sit inside their Planetarium and hear about the Stars and more from astrologer Tim O’Brien.

The programme starts at 12 noon. Sounds brillliant.

Jodrell bank: +44 (0)1477 571339

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