Friday, 19 June 2009

Spoilt for choice

Hard, hard choices are going to have to be made this weekend. Even with the best multi tasking will in the world its going to be impossible to get along to everything.Whatever your age or inclination theres loads to do. Theres the brilliant Butterfly Jam at Mezzaluna tonight with lots of loop readers heading down including us (see previous post) and ofcourse a jazz, not rain drenched weekend at Rainow with the Jazz Festival. Check out the link from here for all the gigs and workshops too. We'll be taking a loop troup to the jazz picnic on Sunday. A sunny day is forecast but there's a big barn to decamp into if not. Saturday is your chance to view the In the Art of Cheshire exhibition at The Kings School sixth Form. Its a window of only a few hours so grab the chance. Full mention in the loop e guide. Theres more festival action this weekend in Congleton with their first Food & Drink festival. The loop is renowned for its voracious appetite for all things and thinks the 'Eat your Art out' in the community garden sounds a must. Skip breakfast and head there on Sunday for lots of stalls and tastings kicking off a full week events. Delicious.
Butterfly Jam
at Mezzaluna Fri 19 June. 8pm-2am £5

Rainow jazz festival 19-21 June

Congleton food and drink festival 01260 291156

In the art of Cheshire 20 June. 11am–2pm King’s School Boys Division
picture: Tony Jackson

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