Saturday, 13 June 2009

Your fresh loop awaits

Well the June /July issue of the loop has just been sent out. If you haven't received it and should have, rub your chin pensively then drop us an e mail. We know lots of you have got your loop though and have come straight back and said some very kind things. We don't like to show off, but oh go on then:

'Should have said this long ago but better late than never - congratulations on 'the Loop' - it is an elegant, attractive and professional publication - long may it last! SR

'The Loop continues to impress. I just thought I would email to say how good I thought it was this time. Its really well produced and gives a load of information often about things nobody else publicises very effectively.' IB

We are so pleased you think so and it makes a real difference to us to know that the loop is read, enjoyed and most importantly gets the information out there. Please spread the word, pass on your loop and get along to all those good things going on.
Oh and when you do mention you saw it in the loop.
Sorry we do go on a bit occasionally!
The Janes

picture: Tony Jackson. See loop listings.

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