Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Parking Survey in Macc

The loop is ostensibly concerned with the arts but is known to stray off- topic at times. We are passionate about the Heritage of Macc, its general cultural vibrancy and anything that impacts on them. So we thought you should know about this. It is is an exhibition after all.....

Macclesfield ‘On-Street’ Parking Exhibition Cheshire East Council will be holding an exhibition at Macclesfield Town Hall entrance foyer until Saturday 18th July. The exhibition will be manned by members of the Highways Department to obtain the views from all concerned parties, residents, workers and the business community and it will be used to decide on any changes to the existing situation with regard to on-street parking. There will be a questionnaire to complete to make your views known. The exhibition and questionnaire will also be available online from the 13th of July at the following web page;

We are all very good at moaning about council decisions so this is a chance to get your oar in. Whether they listen or not.

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