Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Please, please stop.

Raining that is. We felt so sorry for all the organisers of al fresco events at the weekend. Thank God there were some impermeable souls out there who got stuck in regardless. Lorna McNeil was one of them. Many thanks to her for the great pictures of South park on Sunday. See link in 'In a flap' posting below.

Remember you can catch the launch of
John Lindley's new book of poetry tonight at Congleton library. Appropriately called the 'Casting boat' given the current biblical deluge, but It's quite dry in there apparently.

Alternatively you could catch
Rabbi Lionel Blue at the Buxton Festival with his 'practical God-seekers' guide'. Rabbi Lionel will treat his audience to his particular view of the big and small issues; appealing to people from all religions and none.

Perhaps your kids are down at the free 'Physics and emotions of colour' science lecture at the Silk Museum today? We'd love to hear what they said about lime green and brown....

Anyway we're sticking to indoor venues for a couple of days before the Summer recommences. It will won't it?

Congleton libray 7.30-9pm RSVP 01260 273219

Buxton Festival www.buxtonfestival.co.uk

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