Saturday, 11 July 2009

Something else for the weekend?

Yes theres more...
The loop is fanatical, whoops no, passionate about Childrens Art so we're heading to the Open day at the Heritage Centre today to have a look at the local schools art competition, and textile demonstrations too.
Hope to have a look at long last at the Journeys instalation at the Town Hall if we are quick.
I think we'll nip to Langley for their weekend of textiles at Doe Meadow house and at the Village hall too.

Maybe we'll have breakfast with the Sunday papers at the Waterside Cafe in Bollington whilst enjoying their current exhibition of unique textile/photographic images by Dandy Lewis.

Hope to see you there.
pic: from a claire de ruiter workshop with children

Cafe Waterside Clarence Mill Bollington 01625−575563
Heritage Centre
macclesfield 01625 612045

Langley Exhibition 07759 126392

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