Monday, 19 October 2009

Burtterfly Jam

We are very excited that loop favourites Butterfly Jam are playing in town again. We have gushed about them before, so we won't go on about it , just have a look at the blog posting for 17 June for lots more info. Make sure you get along this Wednesday and enjoy their brilliant, danceable music in Ronnies covered and heated courtyard. Highly recommended.

Alternatively Club Franco Britannique de Macclesfield meet tonight at 8pm in the Brocklehurst Room in the Heritage Centre on Roe St. This will be a talk in French by Catarina Guében on her "Aventures à VTT dans les Carpathes (récit et photos)". All are welcome.

Another recommendation from a loop reader for Mikron Theatre. She and her son have seen them many times over the years and says they just get better and better. They are performing Tales of the Thames at Bollington Art Centre this Friday. We're ringing for tickets now!

Butterfly Jam

Club Franco Britannique Rita Arafa, 01625 421980
BAC/ Mikron Theatre see link below

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