Sunday, 4 October 2009

Peace, Truth, Equality, Simplicity

Its Sunday so it seems appropriate to mention an exhibition with a spiritual dimension...

3-11 Oct is Quaker week
and Macclesfield Quakers invite you to see how their faith continues to inspire them to help in creating a fairer and more peaceful world for all of us by visiting their exhibition at the tourist information office at the Town Hall, Macclesfield, from the 19th to 25th October.

Quaker faith is rooted in the belief that everyone has a direct relationship with the Divine, and their experience of that relationship is strengthened through quiet, prayerful communal worship. Their simple, powerful form of worship has inspired Quakers to engage in peace work, human rights and social reform for 400 years.

Quaker concerns for Peace, Truth, Equality, Simplicity and Sustainable Living have led them to campaign against slavery, poverty, war and corruption, and for peace, equality, honesty and justice since the 1600s.

For more information on Quakers in Britain, please go to and to contact Macclesfield Quakers, please call Jill Maguire on 01625 432 437, or email her at

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