Thursday, 15 October 2009

Something for the weekend?

The 'must do' event this weekend has to be vegetable sculpture at Cloverbank farm. We say that of course because the loop is doing it. Come down on Saturday morning to stockpile gourmet organic and local produce and say hello to the loop team and friends whilst sculpting something extraordinary from a marrow. Skip breakfast and grab it there and don't forget your basket.

Half of the loop caught Bat for Lashes in Manchester last night and was reminded how good it is to get out and see a live band. With that in mind get along to Dom & Neil at the Swan with Two Necks on Friday night and Bridgewater Blues band at Ronnies on Sunday.You can catch a rare gig from the snappily named Konkoma Maximum Love Garden Orchestra on Friday
at the Hollins Pub (and there is a rumour they are at the Millstone on Saturday). A reliable source says they are fantastic.

Altrnatively on Sunday KEMS perform their Autumn Fiesta! concert with conductor Anthony Houghton and Brian Lightowler on accordian. More details from their website.

Looking backwards, thanks Yvonne for your kind words and comments on the John Lindley / loop social: 'It felt very relaxing, I felt like a child being read to as I listened to the poetry, which is a new area for me.' You might fancy the vegetable scuplture then.

Ronnies Bar
Cloverbank Farm Market
Sat 17 Oct 8.30 am. to 12.30 pm North Rode.
Swan with Two Necks. see maccattack link

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