Monday, 23 November 2009

Big loop party

Ofcourse It would have been nice to post yesterday about the tremendous evening we had at Storm Brewery on Saturday night. Unfortunately both the Janes were feeling a little 'liverish' the day after the Big loop Party. Perhaps it was the rhubarb and ginger cordial, swigged in quantity or the many irresistable pints of Gale Force downed, we can't be sure...those Spearings pies slipped down a treat too.
Any way here are some pictures, thanks Vera.

Many thanks to VG net (web design) for sponsoring this exuberant evening, huge thanks to the astonishing Butterfly Jam and various spontaneous guests. Loved Colin's harmonica playing , Dan's acoustic set and the charismatic verbal charms of Jo Bell and her poems. Thanks also to Reggae Dave for spinning the discs. What a night!

Thank you for all your support for the year of loop socials and your lovely texts and e mails about the Big loop Party.
We raised £260 for Macclesfield Barnaby Festival next June .

VG Net

Butterfly Jam


FrankFisher said...

It was a great night. I still feel a bit ill.

Why didn't somebody stop me....

Macclesfield Loop said...

'Must add to the positive comments about the loop party. A great aprty in a great venue.Thanks to all who put effort into the organisation and to the performers, the pie maker and the brewery.'RB

Thanks RB for your kind comments.