Friday, 18 December 2009

Christmas organs and the library

Thanks to Jo Bell for a very timely reminder about becoming an organ donor (see link to her blog below). I'll let her persuasive powers have full rein: 'I want you to call the number on it, and sign up for the organ donor register. Sadly, a lot of us get bumped off at Christmas by drunken drivers and the like – why not use all that offal to give someone else a chance, like friend Laurie who died this year after twenty-six years of extra life given by a heart donor? So easy, so necessary.' Thanks Jo we are on the case. And so should you be.

Great to see Macc library open again. Its strange walking in to such an open space.
Please note their new extended Opening hours

Mon, Tues 9-7, Wed 9-5,Thurs 9-7, Fri 9-5, Sat 9-1

Excitingly the refurbishment uncovered a hidden gem - a hand made mosaic floor dating from the late 19th C. Artistically designed using blue and green Murano glass tiles from Italy and terracotta tiles from local Staffordshire potteries, it has been lovingly restored by local craftsman, Paul Albertini.Nip in and have a look.

Macc library Jordangate, Macc
Organ donation

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