Monday, 21 December 2009

True grit and a stroll in the snow.

While the rest of us are finishing the wrapping, polishing the sherry glasses and thinking about an afternoon of sledging with an egg nog chaser, others are being super human in their fundraising for 'Help for Heroes'.Peter and Paul Morrison will be running the 31 mile gritstone Trail, (yes really!) and hope to finish in the Market Square today at around 1.30pm. They truly deserve a cheering finish to their fundraising commando run. There will be carols from the Macc YBB, the Mayor will out, Canalside radio and stilt walkers and more. Get down there! If you can't show your support in person please leave a donation at ilecommandorun
If however something a little more sedate is in order we are passing on a seductive invitation from Loop reader Roger: What a lovely idea.

' If the weather isn't too bad I'm inclined to take a midwinter stroll in the

late evening on Midwinter Night Monday 21st. The short circular walk up the

clough behind The Hanging Gate takes just an hour and is quite varied though

not so challenging as Shutlingslow. Please can you pass on to Loopsters just in case there are souls who might fancy same? They could

confirm with me with a view to meeting at Hanging Gate, maybe 8pm..

For confirmation/co-ordination/cancellation: It is advisable that people contact me
Monday late afternoon
my numbers: 01625267905 0778 9031903

Roger '

Have fun, but wrap up well and make sure you ring Roger to check it is not snowed off.

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