Sunday, 21 February 2010

Wine tasting with Ronnie

Hello we are back. We sloped off for half term and neglected the loop I am afraid. Apologies! We have enjoyed various corners of the country from various vantage points One loop Jane got rather over excited on a back road in the borders when she came across this unloved sixties structure. Have since found out it was once Bernat Klein's studio designed by Peter Womersle.Why is it in such a neglected state? Apart from the condensation it would be a great spot to live. But we digress...

A word from Ronnie's bar:
"When you last had your gathering here (Loop social January) you will have noticed that we now have a new wine list. Next Wednesday (24 Feb) we are officially launching said list with a special wine tasting evening. For a mere £10 you can have a glass of each of the new wines on the list, that’s 4 white and 3 red. There will be one or two accompanying nibbles as well. Then after all of that we have the magnificent Virginmarys playing live. The wine tasting will run from about 6.30 to 8.30 then the band will be on from about 9pm. We will have a wine expert hosting the evening too so any questions, help, tasting notes, etc will all be at hand. All in all it will be a great night topped off with a truly great Macclesfield band that is on the cusp of great things I feel. However, the wine tasting numbers have to be limited to no more than 30 people. Would you be interested in coming? If anybody does wish to come please could they RSVP to me"

Thanks Ronnie. Loop readers have show they are partial to the odd glass of good wine when we have been enjoying Ronnie's hospitality. And the Virgin Marys too!

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