Friday, 5 March 2010

Something for the Weekend

First - The new loop (issue 12) is now out! Please remember to put our address into your address book to avoid the file being directed to junk mail or rejected. You can also request your own copy of the loop if so far you only enjoy these blog updates.

And now back to the weekend... and how fabulous it is for the music fan. Starting tonight (Friday 5 March) at The Hollins where Chris Birdsall and Rich House are playing. Or, catch the Junk Yard Dogs at the Nags Head. Then, tomorrow night you will find Joe Roberts, Melanie Williams (of Butterfly Jam fame) and friends, making soulful sounds at The Baths Hotel.

Also on Satuday Diskobawl - a night that means to give the people something to dance to! With Mars Black, Electric Dollhouse and DJ sets by 3 of Macc's finest (see the picture). The plan is to make this a regular thing (support it). It's at The Townhouse.

And, on Sunday, Mars Black are at it again, this time supporting The Tensions at Ronnie's Bar in an night of rock n roll for those who like it raw and dirty.

Come and join us out to play!

The Hollins: 01625 424920
The Nags Head:
The Baths Hotel: Green St. 01625 262884
The Townhouse:
Ronnie's Bar: 01625 665050

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