Monday, 26 April 2010

Be part of something Big. Very Big

Once the preserve of elderly ladies we all know knitting is now the coolest thing there is. With at least two knitting groups in town (see loop listings ) there is now another way to hook up with other knitters. Local artist Jean Westbrook is creating the worlds largest cardigan and is very keen to have your knitted contributions.

So please join in and help Jean with a knitted or crocheted square (or as many as you can knit) 30cms/12inches. Any Colour. Any Pattern. Any Ply.

Then let her know when you have squares for her to sew together.

If she can galvanise enough knitters she hopes to beat China’s record

when the cardigan is measured by the Guiness book of records. You’ll be able to see the finished ‘garment’ over the Barnaby weekend in June.

Contact Jean 07717536817


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