Friday, 2 April 2010

Childrens poster competition

Poster Competition to help clean up Macclesfield

Have you ever noticed the amount of litter hanging around our streets and alleyways? Well, you are not alone and we are asking for your help. Please read on!

On Saturday June 12th we are hoping that as many people as possible will join forces to clean up our town and make it look really good for the Barnaby Festival which will take place all round Macclesfield from June 18th to 20th.

We need you to design an A4 Poster with a catchy slogan asking people of all ages to join us on June 12th to pick up the litter and hopefully stop the habit in the future!

Three winning posters, one from each age group, will be displayed all over Macclesfield to advertise this event.

The closing date for this competition is Wednesday, May 5th so please get designing and come up with something really eye-catching.

Google “Stop the Drop Campaign” to find lots of good ideas to give you a start!

The winner for Years 5 and 6 will receive £5.

The winner for Years 7 to 9 will receive £10.

The winner for Years 10 and over will receive £15

Please remember to write your name, year group and school on the back of your poster and hand your entry into the school office.

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