Monday, 19 April 2010

Silk demise

The loop has recieved this urgent communique from Macclesfield Guild & Chamber of Trade. :

'I expect you read the article in Express. We are pressing Cheshire East to "think again" about the consequences of their unwillingness to support the Silk Musem with funds (our Council Tax). If Cheshire East Council cannot be persuaded to give their financial support all the plans and funds promised by the Northern Development Agency to expand, will be lost forever. The Director will lose his post along with 10 others. The Museum would close and our Silk Heritage collection dispersed.'

Do you feel strongly about this? Now is the time to write to your local councillor and let your feelings be known.


Anonymous said...

Would it be a good idea to create a petition on the loop blog for everyone to sign and then send to east cheshire re closure of the silk museum?

Anonymous said...

The Silk Heritage Museums are vital to Macclesfiled, we will completley loose any sense of our history without them. The Sunday school building is a wonderful example of architecture and it is amazing how a small group of enthusiastic friends pulled together the museums. I have fond memories as a girl helping in the silk museum shop and I produced the Cedric the silkworm little book for children. Our silk heritage is a facinating story and something Macclesfield people and the COuncil should be very proud of.