Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Last chance to be Saved

Stop press Mit Senoj is unable to to lead the srtists tour on Saturday. Make sure you catch this show before it finishes.

Above the altar in Christ Church there currently hangs a small piece by artist Mit Senoj. Along with the other people in this challenging show this artist has a Macclesfield connection.Jerwood Drawing prize 2009 winner, Senoj leads a tour of the ten works by artists with a personal Macclesfield connection and introduces discusses his own work, this Saturday.
This groundbreaking exhibition finishes on Sunday. Not to be missed.

Save Us Christ Church, Macc 10am-4pm until Sun

Crucially also see Stowage in the old
Shackletons Shop window at the top of Church street. It is a loop favourite part of Barnaby and ends this weekend also.

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