Tuesday, 1 June 2010

A word from Garry White

We couldn't get a long to the bands heat on Friday night, so we asked Garry how it went...
'After a couple of hitches early in the evening everything went swimmingly and a good result was achieved. we are step closer to Barnaby Rocks Out with the addition of the final two acts on the bill namely Glass Ankle and Zap Zap Zap. The judges were unanimous in their verdicts which made life easier at the end.
My thanks go to Shelagh Malley, Jo Williams of Butterfly Jam, and Ross Massey of RoughTwist who helped me with the judging and did such a good job. And also to Jacko of RoughTwist for his help on the night.
It was really great to see so many of the bands who are playing BRO were there to see and encourage the contestants.
Regards, Garry'

Barnaby Rocks Out Sat 19 June 2010 £10 2pm-2am Fresh, Pickford St
See www.barnabyfestival.org.uk for full details

Image courtesy Glass Ankle

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