Thursday, 29 July 2010

A taste of Treacle

What did you think of the inaugural Treacle Market last Sunday?

Karen said... Loved the market! By 1pm, when we arrived, the food fair stalls had clearly been doing a roaring trade, with some being down to their last few morsels, so the lesson is to arrive early to catch the full range of wares. The market up in Market Place was good fun, and the kids with us loved the storyteller tent. I really do hope this becomes a monthly event - it brought a real bustle and cheerfulness to the town centre.

Alex said...
What a fantastic day....vibrant from first thing. How wonderful to see the town centre brimming with people browsing, children playing, families laughing. Very much anticipating Treacles continued growth and capacity to enrich the town. Thank you! Alex

Victoria Scholes said...
More great work springing from the Loop. Treacle was a triumph! I had never heard the story of the treacle spill before and neither had I visited the town centre on a Sunday for a stroll and a shop for a very long time. You are reconnecting us with both our history and our place. Well done! More thoughts on

Karen said...
The market was a blast. The kids we were with especially loved the storytelling tent and the bright shiny crafts and antiques stalls. And such a glorious day! We don't get the local paper, so I'd not have really known about Treacle without the Loop - as it was, the whole family ended up having a really lovely couple of hours on Sunday.

Sandra McGechan said...Congratulations on a fabulous market. We had a friend from London staying with us and it was so lovely to be able to take him into a bustling vibrant town centre. This was exactly the sort of thing Macclesfield needed.

Photo courtesy Shaggy on Macclesfield flickr. See link.

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