Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Homegrown Reggae

Macclesfield & Reggae. Not words that you hear in the same sentence very often.Til now.

A slice of the Manchester Reggae scene comes to Macc when Homegrown Effect play
The Townhouse on Saturday 7th August.

Greg Jackson plays bass guitar, whistle, kazoo and sings backing vocals. Stu Baggaley (bassist in Glass Ankle) is the main songwriter and plays rhythm guitar, Melodica and sings main vocals. On drums, Alan Redfearn, lead guitar Tom Jackson and percussion Dan Seddon.

Live and on record they make use of delay and reverb, creating a rootsy, atmospheric dub sound reminiscent of King Tubby's production style during the 70's. Fingers crossed, they are some times joined by a Saxophonist and Trumpet player but are not sure if he can make it yet or not! Support this gig if we want more reggae in town.

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