Monday, 27 September 2010

Treacle Tim

What a good turn out. It was marvellous to see so many people out on the sunny streets and open spaces of Macc on Sunday. The Treacle Market was bigger, with even more enticing stalls and more people out enjoying them.Thanks for your support.
Big thanks to Hot Vestry and les Peche and Rob on accordian for great music and to Marionette Theatre co for their stringed charms and the Morris Dancers for bringing the cobbles alive.

And now a word from Tim Woodhouse.
'You know about this nonsense and you are ALL very welcome. Andy Hughes is doing a guest spot if not too terrified, and anybody else can have a go, too!! Yours beatifically in the light of His Holiness' recent visit to our Godless shores,
The Boarhound, Thursday Tim'

Incidentally if you press one of the magic music buttons in issue 16 of the loop you can here him too.

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