Wednesday, 22 December 2010

A couple of words from Jo Bell:
' A request for a tiny Christmas favour (a matter of two clicks and a poem choice) - and the offer of a tiny poetic opportunity.'

First the favour: The man who thought up National Poetry Day, William Sieghart, is working to get poetry built into the Olympic Park for 2012. Whether you love or hate sport, and even if you are planning to leave the country for the great Olympic extravaganza, this is a great opportunity to get the best British poetry right in front of the world's media. So please visit Winning Words and nominate the poem you'd like to see built into the structure of the park. Pass on this request if you can via email, word of mouth or attending the event on Facebook.

Now the opportunity: BBC Radio 4’s Saturday Live is looking for a member of the public for whom a poem has given inspiration at a very difficult, life changing or challenging moment and who would be happy to talk about it for the New Year’s Day show in relation to Winning Words. Can you think of anyone you know who might have such a story and be willing to share it? Please contact (not me!) before 24 December.

Photo: Yvonne Philipps.
Thankyou Yvonne.
Please keep sending your pictures.

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