Thursday, 6 January 2011

Save Our Waterstone's

Choosing a book can be a blissful thing, a tactile (even sensual) experience... holding it in your hand, stroking the pages, browsing the first paragraph and sneakily sniffing it. So how alarming to realise that Waterstone's Macclesfield is under threat of closure, in the course of this year. (for Jane Birch more than most - she works there and loves her job).

It may be too late all ready but as nothing has been announced yet... theloop recommends buying your books locally and supporting the store. You may save a few £s buying on line (or from Tesco) but the price of cheap books is NO book shop on the high street and that's too high a price to pay.

Please feel free to comment and offer your support here, Or, let the staff know how you feel, a comment book will be provided in store. Updates will be posted as received and if necessary petitions raised and read-ins organised.

Together we can make a difference to Macclesfield and save our Waterstone's.


local shopper said...

NOoooo!!! Waterstones can't be on the hit list! Macclesfield needs a quality bookshop which caters for the local population. While its tempting to buy online or in the supermarket we must shop locally.... and loyally support our good quality high street shops and independents! Think before you buy or our high street could die!

Cornelia said...

Dont let this fantastic store close, its great to get out of the rain and the wind to peruse what to read next, fab for choosing a present for a forgotton birthday and would be a great loss to the centre of Macc. Lets take control of our town and keep this store open.