Monday, 28 February 2011

Star gazer?

                                                 Are you interested in Astronomy? 

Macclesfield Astronomical Society (MAS) and the British Astronomical Association (BAA) will be presenting a full-day of talks and practical sessions to help encourage members of the community to learn more about the wonders of the stars and planets. Their aim is to help budding astronomers learn basic techniques and develop their interest in this fascinating hobby to its full potential.

The full day of talks and workshops will cover diverse subjects such as choosing the right
telescope and which books to buy, through to observing the Moon, and the amazing planets
Jupiter and Saturn. They will also have experts on hand to answer all your questions, and a range of retailers present so you can see telescopes and equipment at first-hand.

Saturday, March 5  Macclesfield Town Hall
To find out more about the BAA Back to Basics workshop and to download the booking form, visit
Macclesfield Astronomical Society's website
Tickets cost £15.00 per person. Members of Macclesfield Astronomical Society can
purchase them for £11.00. To make a reservation please e-mail the British Astronomical
Association at or call Hazel Collett on 07944 751277.

Moon image by Andrew Greenwood at Image palette

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