Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Launched in Macclesfield
Between November last year and early May 2011, Food4Macc Direct supplied 18 half lambs, 39 free range chickens, 38 loaves from a local artisan baker and 20 home made cakes. They also took advance orders for 9 quarter shares of outdoor reared pigs. All the produce was delivered either early evening at Waters Green Tavern or during the day at Age Concern, both convenient central Macclesfield locations Interested in being part of this? Now its your chance to join in.

Food4Macc Direct has been registered as a food business and is aiming to begin full operations in June, continuing with it's early producers, but then expanding the product range. Plans include establishing a vegetable scheme, expanding the choice of meat on offer and introducing other products , such as dairy items. For now, the plan is to continue with deliveries on a weekly or monthly basis to central Macclesfield locations, but eventually Food4Macc Direct wants to establish a more permanent food hub.

One of the key principles for Food4Macc Direct is that it helps reconnect people with where their food comes from, understanding and influencing how it is produced. It is also vital that value for the customer is not at the expense of the farmer or producer making a fair return. The Food4Macc Direct team works with farmers and producers to establish schemes that enable customers to get a high quality product at a great price.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a member of Food4Macc Direct, send an e-mail to direct@food4macc.org or call Tim on 01260 253987. More details of the products available at http://www.food4macc.org/

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