Wednesday, 11 May 2011

A further comment from the lively posts of 6 Feb.

"A reader despairs of Macc. Your thoughts please.":

Anonymous said...

'I take on board everything that all of you have said,whether it be agreeing or contrary to how I thought then.Unfortunately my later post about the changes in Macc since I wrote that,haven't been added,so you won't know that I congratulated the organisers(one of which comes from near Blackheath,so agreed with my views a few months back when I spoke to her about it!) of Treacle & Barnaby for their efforts in 'giving' Macc what it needed-a heart/life/the buzz in the town at least once a month.The success of Treacle has meant they can't take on any more crafters/artists to sell on a stall.There have been some enormous changes with the introduction of new Bars/pubs/cafes & this has given choice.The general feel of Macc has been greatly improved.People have started to take an interest in HOW the town looks & are bringing back the character it obviously once had!Ok,so granted it won't be a 'Greenwich or Blackheath',but it has gone a long way into becoming a far more appealing place.It might not get to Chorlton/West Didsbury staus,but who knows,maybe people could make it develop into that.There are definately enough artistic/creative people here in Macc to transform it.I spoke out bluntly to get people's attention-but hopefully in a good way.This was my experience of macc! '

The loop says:
 'We are really sorry we some how missed your follow up post. It wasn't censored, let us have it again.

If you really want to engage with  Macc we would highly recommend you volunteer for the Barnaby festival. Successful initiatives like that can only flourish if they receive support and hard graft by everyone not just a few.They desperately need volunteers to help even for 3 hours for the Barnaby weekend. Its a brilliant way to meet Macc faces to and to get involved in this fantastic weeekend.'

go to: for the fantastic  weekend line up. 17-19 June

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fiona bailey said...

who wants macc to have chorlton/west didsbury status? we moved away from manchester partly for that reason - they'd started to become a little too smug for our liking, and that's precisely why macclesfield appealed to us as a young family. there is something entirely 'authentic' about the place. it doesn't pretend to be anything other than it is, thank goodness - the sum of its silky parts. but together we can make it so much more and be proud of it, treacle and barnaby leading the way...and it can be so much more than south manchester, trust me!