Monday, 29 June 2009

Gasping for Art

MADS latest production gets under way with Ben Elton's debut play Gasping. It is set in the work-hard, play-hard yuppiedom of the 1980s where the air we breathe has become just another commodity. Sold like bottled water but increasingly, available only to those who can afford to buy it.

Ironically with the current heat wave I doubt a single member of the audience would have refused to buy a cool sniff of fresh air if it had been on sale. The parallels to life today are frequently discomforting. You won’t like the characters but then again, you aren’t meant too. So don’t let that stop you going. The play is punctuated with some good Elton one-liners and a cool 80s sound track to help ease you through the set changes. Congratulations, MADS.

Creative students at Macclesfield College have been hard at work this year producing outstanding pieces of art and this is your chance to come and take a look.

The Art, Design & Media students are holding an end of year show at Macclesfield College to display their work which includes Paintings, Photographs, Fashion Pieces, Ceramics, Drawings, Sculptures, Graphics, Videos, Prints and Designs.

Until Thursday 2 July (10am – 8pm).Macclesfield College on 01625 410000.

MADS Little Theatre Lord Street, Macclesfield 01625 611974 Until Saturday. booking essential

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