Sunday, 28 June 2009

With much ado

There's something special about watching outdoor theatre, it's not just the midges or the damp bum from sitting on the grass, it's just a totally unique experience.This week sees a run of Shakespeare plays in the Open Air Theatre at Gawsworth with A Midsummer Nights Dream starting a run on Wednesday and with a performance of Much ado about Nothing on Friday. Pack a special picnic and make an evening of it with your friends. And don't worry there are seats to sit on.
This week also heralds the start of the prestigious Three Shires Textile Festival on 4th July. If you don't think textiles are your thing, if you're happier with a 6 iron than a crochet hook, think again. You will be very surprised by the range and diversity of this nationally lauded festival. As a celebration of this regions fascinating textile heritage it is not without outstanding contemporary flare.

Watch this space for more and see if we can't tempt you out to explore this fascinating art form.
Oh and other things too.

To start us off a piece (see picture above) from the Northwest Textile Forum's Spoons and Friends - curious and intricate spoons and other related textile pieces by international artists - Kirstine Higgins, Dianne Barratt, Helen Conrad, Norma Hopkins, Rosemary Cassidy Buswell, Judith Railton, Dorothy Pickering, Jean Crocker - see the festival web site for full details.

Gawsworth Hall Open air Theatre
01260 223456
Three Shires Textile Festival

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