Saturday, 4 July 2009

Local Wisdom this Sunday

You are invited to join in a very special Fashion Shoot: a project for the London College of fashion, called Local Wisdom. The idea is to share the story of your clothes with the project team and be photographed wearing them.

Do you have a skirt that you share with a friend or a jumper that has never been washed? Do you wear something that is made up of separate pieces that
can be interchanged? Or trousers that help connect you to nature, with expandable pockets perhaps in which to carry home your foraged supper? If so, they’d like to hear your story. Go and be part of a unique fashion research project organised by the Centre of Sustainable Fashion, London College of Fashion to record and celebrate the clothes we wear and the way that we wear them.

The project team is looking for garments that:
are shared between people/ have never been washed -and aren’t leather! Have the character of a particular place in them or link you with the natural world or make you feel part of a community (but not a uniform). Perhaps they are enjoying a third, fourth or fifth life or catch your attention each time you wear them.

Go on it sounds great!

Local Wisdom Sun 5 July
Drop in between 10am & 4pm (last entry 3.30pm)
Clarence Mill, Clarence Road, Bollington

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