Sunday, 5 July 2009

User Review of Heritage Centre day School

The loop really likes to hear what you have been along to see or do, and what you thought about it. So a big thank you to June Howard for her overview of her day at The Colour and Texture in Needlework Day School at the Heritage Centre last Saturday:

I had a wonderful day, we were welcomed with coffee and at 10am, Alistair Macleod told us about his company "Hand and Lock" and his talk covered embroidery from its very beginnings of sewing skins together to the most modern techniques of today. He inspired us all to enter his next embroidery competition.
The next speaker faced problems when it was realised that the equipment provided was not able to show his work on the screen and then the two microphones both failed! Enough to make the average speaker run away screaming but this was no average person, this was Kaffe Fassett! He gave his talk in semi darkness and told us about his work over the years and his clients and friends who had worked with him to produce the wonderful pieces associated with him and how he had brought colour into knitting and needlework. We were enthralled. We only saw one piece of his work and he had that in his hand.... but it was wonderful to see and so inspiring again!
Lunch was excellent though there were not enough chairs and barely any tables. We were a jolly crowd though and sat, eating, on the stairs.
In the afternoon it was fascinating to see Diana Springall's work on screen, massive pieces we could hardly believe our eyes! She was really charming and approachable. Finally, the surprise speaker was Jacqueline Holdsworth, who spoke on the subjects of "Tokens of Love", (Quaker Pin Balls), made to give to prisoners in jails and she also told us about her work with the Ackworth School where childrens' samplers from the 1700's had been discovered and how work has been done to raise money for the school by producing a book, and then there was more as she told us about the "Australian Bonnet Project", which was based on the women convicts who were transported from this country and Ireland to work in Australia and Tasmania.
A wonderful day, cannot stop thinking about it...and been on the internet to find out more.'

Thank you June. The loop would love to have more reviews, good or bad from you so please send them to

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