Saturday, 29 August 2009


Following on from our previous picture request.A big thank you to Lucy who has sent in this photo from her hols of a maginicent and deliciously goofy lion from a small town in Wales. I wish he would come to Macc.

A few people have mentioned to us how much they enjoy peering at the blog but don't get round to signing up to the loop proper. We're baffled by this ( but admit we don't get round to quite a few things ourselves) as you are missing out on so much info if you don't.The blog is only a top up / up date/ reminder/ last minute sort of listing place, whereas the loop proper gives you lots more events information plus editorial too. A reader told me recently he prints it off and highlights the must see/ do bits with a high lighter pen.Thats a tidy mind for you.

The Janes are working on the next edition as I type so nows the time to e mail us at to make sure you receive it this time.

With that in mind, is your club or group starting its Autumn programme, have you some great gigs lined up, a series of workshops or an exhibition taking shape that we should know about ?
Please let us have full information by Friday 4th September. Remember these listings are entirely free.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness - I recognise that Lion - Bala I think!