Thursday, 27 August 2009

Something for the weekend?

We do like a bank holiday weekend although it usually heralds a good down pour. Grab a brolly and get on with it any way.
Theres 'folk in a field' at Rushton Spencer on Saturday night and Crafts in Siddington Village hall on Sunday and Monday 10.30-4.30.The 'Creative Craft Association' is well known for Craft and Gift Fairs and they are in action at Gawsworth Hall Saturday- Monday this weeknd with speciality food and entertainment also.

We're eagerly heading down to West Park on Sunday 12- 4pm for the Skate Jam at the specially built ramp. Frankly a danger to ourselves on anything other than our own feet, but we are keen to see the graffitti art by Krek and Mers, who will be decorating the newly enlarged and enhanced skate ramp. They will also be producing two special original canvasses that will go on display in Macclesfield town center and up for auction on eBay, with other art from local artists, to support the costs of the jam.Oh there's reggae too.

Gig wise theres Conspiricy of Equals(friday) Electric Echo (Saturday) and
Guttersnipe on Sunday at the Nags Head. Whilst Ronnies hosts George Borowski on Monday 31st.

Nags Head WATERS GREEN, MACCLESFIELD - 01625 423786
Gawsworth Hall 01260 223 456.
Siddington Crafts 01260 297087
Folk in a field 01782 519379

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