Monday, 21 September 2009

Dean Entwistle

I know, I know we keep going on about it, but we
do love art in unorthodox places. Well done Camp Four for throwing open your doors to Dean Entwistle's glorious landscapes. Lets face it if you have popped in looking for a sturdy water proof for your hikes you can't fail to fall in love with these.

Wednesday 23rd Sept 7.30pm
Go along to listen to Dean giving an informal talk to accompany his work.

Please RSVP to Camp Four to let them know you are coming:

If you are inspired by Dean's dramatic landscapes and would like to take up the brush yourself, why not consider Jill Maguire's water colour classes? Her Tuesday afternoon classes in Macc are over subscribed but she is starting a Congleton class
at the High School on Box Lane from this Tuesday evening onwards. It runs from 6.30p.m. - 8.30p.m. and is a Watercolours Class for all levels, including beginners. People can join it late. It is a 5 week block, but may extend to become 10 weeks.

Jill Maguire Water colour classes 01625 432437
Camp Four. Pickford St, Macclesfield 01625 619204.

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