Saturday, 24 October 2009

Something for the weekend?

Caught the wonderful film UP at Cinemac last night. Quirky and sad and good fun, see previous post .Its on most of next week.

Its your last chance to catch the Stuart Royse exhibition at Likailin gallery in Prestbury. This 15 piece photographic narrative of a Peak district woodland disappears next week so get along before it finishes on the 28th October.

The Navarra Quartet are at Bollington Art Centre tonight or if pub bands are more your thing theres Jonny Gunn at the Swan with Two Necks.

If you fancy getting your hands dirty the Anson Engine museum are demonstrating local crafts this weekend.

Camp Four are continuing their innovative lecture series and on Monday you can listen to and enjoy the pictures of noted photographer Mike Hutton. Can't wait.

Remember you are still in time to audition for the Macclesfield production of the Vagina Monologues.These auditions will be held at
The Hollins Pub, Black Road, Macclesfield
Monday 26 October at 7pm
,Wednesday 28 October at 7pm and Sunday 1 November at 5pm
See full post below.

Mike Hutton at Camp Four 7.30pm £3.50 Camp Four,PickfordSt,

Vagina Monologues E-mail: 07917 391 747
BAC see link below

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