Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Stitch and Bitch. Well he's a dog actually.

A message from Macc Stitch and Bitch:

'Just to say hello, happy new year and let you know that the macclesfield stitch and bitch are having a learn crochet session at Kusch on Monday 18th January. The group is fab and ranges from "can just about manage a scarf" knitters like me to "really really impressive hands in a blur they are so fast" knitters like Kim who is teaching the crochet.'

They meet at Kusch Bar and are more than happy to see new faces with needles and crochet hooks.

The loop is hoping that maybe one of them can be persuaded to get their needles clicking to create a little stripey jumper for a shivering Jack Russell pup. Go on it wouldn't take long and he would be so grateful!

Stitch and Bitch Kusch bar, Mill St. 7.30pm Mondays


Anonymous said...

That dog is so cute that my eyeballs nearly fell out. Will need dog measurement for a dog coat though :-)

Macclesfield Loop said...

10 inches from neck to base of very waggy tail!