Thursday, 24 June 2010

'In 2004, the Times named and shamed Macclesfield as the most uncultured town in Britain. Sometime last year, some very talented, passionate and clever people began plotting, in the back rooms of the town’s pubs, to stamp all over that image of our little mill town, and to bring back Barnaby.

Barnaby was the town’s historic weekend of wild, creative debauchery. In recent years it has faded away, but came back this weekend, and then some. In a whirlwind of art, cabaret, graffiti, poetry and opera, the whole town was swept up and tumbled around and came out smiling. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen so much smiling in Macclesfield come to think of it (we are northern, and a mill town after all)


We played a small part of it, with some very silly Alice in Wonderland storytelling as you can see here.


We are, it has to be said, on the floor with admiration that the slightly motley crew that make up the Barnaby team have pulled off such an amazing, marvellous feat. I know this post is gushing, but if ever there was a time to gush, this is it.

As one helpful soul said to us this morning, “that’s it then, you’re next up”. Gulp.'

Taken with permission from Just So Festival Blog. Take a

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