Tuesday, 22 June 2010

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Victoria Scholes said...' My neighbour announced yesterday that she was suffering from Barnaby-lag, and she speaks for both of us. Now I've had a day to two to cool down and think about it, I find I haven't finished singing its praises. But it wasn't just fun, there was a general feeling of satisfying a real hunger for something like this. It energised traders, residents, council and local artists. It encouraged us to look differently at a place we have known for years. Visitors from out of town told us how lovely Macclesfield was. It is, but you know, I'd got a bit bored with it and stopped looking. Not only do I want a Barnaby Festival every year, I’m exciting about what it might mean for the vibrancy of the town. I’m really getting my head in gear to think about what I might do to do my bit… Well done to everyone, I love you.'
Victoria Scholes said... And what a triumph! For a long time I've felt that Macclesfield was a cutlural desert, but how wrong I was. Great work Loop, for championing the Barnaby Festival and preparing the ground for it to happen. I enjoyed fab arts, food and music, explored buildings unknown to me, and revisited ones I hadn't been in for years. I met lots of people I knew also enjoying the ambience, and actually started to feel like I am part of a community again. More more more! Please let's have one next year

Photo Loop Jane B courtesy Fiona bailey photography/whitegallery

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