Monday, 21 June 2010

Barnaby Fine and Barnaby Fair

Macclesfield's first modern revival of the Barnaby Festival was an astounding success. A palette of local talent and creative energy to rival any local festival from Edinburgh to St Ives; and bathed in sunshine. In celebration theLoop would now like you to ask you to share your thoughts, feelings, favourite memories and any photographs or video footage taken on the day. Feel free to comment here or contact us at:

To start you off, here's a view of Jo Bell's Barnaby photograph album... you know Jo Bell organiser of all things spoken word, in particular, National Poetry Day, the Bugged Project and lest we forget poetic queen of Glastonbury.

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Victoria Scholes said...

My neighbour announced yesterday that she was suffering from Barnaby-lag, and she speaks for both of us. Now I've had a day to two to cool down and think about it, I find I haven't finished singing its praises. But it wasn't just fun, there was a general feeling of satisfying a real hunger for something like this. It energised traders, residents, council and local artists. It encouraged us to look differently at a place we have known for years. Visitors from out of town told us how lovely Macclesfield was. It is, but you know, I'd got a bit bored with it and stopped looking. Not only do I want a Barnaby Festival every year, I’m exciting about what it might mean for the vibrancy of the town. I’m really getting my head in gear to think about what I might do to do my bit… Well done to everyone, I love you.