Friday, 18 June 2010

Something for the weekend?

One word should suffice. Barnaby.

Actually there is also the glorious Farmers Market at Cloverbank on Saturday and the start of a Food an d Drink festival in Congleton on Sunday.

Theres bonkers cabaret tonight in Macc and Marionettes in the Library. Flaming Fire Show in the Market Place at 11.30. On Saturday Rock Out with Barnaby at the Fresh all dayer, get down with younger bands at Toast ( not Repent as in Brochure) after watching the wonderful parade, picnicing at the fete and getting hands on in the sculpture garden.Try and catch the Macc related film Control at Cinemac at 10pm ( not 11pm ). Have a good breakfast (at the Waters green foodie's market?) on Sunday before hitting the Art Market in St Michaels Church Yard,Frii Spray and the the Monkey Run Opera and a host of free events in the Market Place. Must get my strenghth up, there's serious fun to be had. PS Pick up an Art card ( Barnaby Stall in the Market Place) to guide you round the 22 Art venues. Yes thats right 22...

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Victoria Scholes said...

And what a triumph! For a long time I've felt that Macclesfield was a cutlural desert, but how wrong I was. Great work Loop, for championing the Barnaby Festival and preparing the ground for it to happen. I enjoyed fab arts, food and music, explored buildings unknown to me, and revisited ones I hadn't been in for years. I met lots of people I knew also enjoying the ambience, and actually started to feel like I am part of a community again. More more more! Please let's have one next year.