Monday, 11 October 2010

Get local

Fact.There is nothing more enticing than a stuffed crocodile behind the counter of a shop. Thats not the staff but a delightful quirk of Hadfields which proclaims itself as a ' dry Salter' but is in fact a glory hole of all things hardware, garden and more. This very old Macc family business has upped sticks a few times from its original period building (now Fat Face) and is hidden from view near the entrance to the multi storey on Churchill Way. A group of handsome bulbous green glass jars a reminder of its trading style 150 years ago.We went in tentatively to buy rather odd things and amazingly came out with all of them. Candle wicks, home brew equipment, garden trugs, weed killer, incense....all under the watchful eye of the croc. Oh and a stuffed crow too....this is the very antithesis of clone town shopping and needs our full support. Won't get our firelighters anywhere else from now on.

Silk FM has launched its annual
local Hero awards again and needs your nominations:
Go their web site to see the various categories and get voting.

Remember its the second of two latin evenings at Fina Bar and Grill tonight. The language not the dance you understand. between 6.30 and 7.30pm on either Monday 11 October. For more information contact: 01625 829064.

Picture. Another in our occasional series of lovely old doors of Macc.

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