Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Biddulp stuff

A word or 10 from Craig Pickering:

'Tonight, Nov 3 is another big occasion for Biddulph and I am not just talking about the new Sainsbury's gala opening! If you can drag yourselves away from the supermarket aisles get down to The Biddulph Arms for an action-packed evening of Americana. OTIS GIBBS from Indiana (not a black blues singer by the way) is your archetypal folk singer; travelling from town to town with just his guitar for company; singing songs about people he has met and places he has visited, all interlaced by a dry, sardonic wit. He has been likened to a modern day Woody Guthrie, with echoes of Steve Earle and Tom Waits also in evidence and went down extremely well just over the way at Crewe Roots last Spring. His latest album 'Joe Hill's Ashes' received a very favourable review in last week's Biddulph and Congleton Chronicle courtesy of JMC. A couple of Otis' friends Courtney KAISER and Benjamin CARTEL, coming along for the ride, are very much an unknown entity. They have two cds available in the States, share a European agent with some very good names and descibe themselves as a 'low-fi, song-driven, harmony-heavy Brooklyn dased duo'. Intrigued? WINSTON BALDWIN and PHIL BRIGHTMAN (one half of the Providence Jug Band) complete a fabulous line-up.

Weds Nov 3 @ The Biddulph Arms 8pm Admission £12 01782-514896

Picture courtesy Jo Bell. The Janes at the Treacle market.

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