Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Pull The Other One: Cabaret Extraordinaire

A word from the bizarre Pull the Other One team who charmed, startled, and frankly over stimulated their Macc audience in June. They’re back with a mission: to help raise funds for Barnaby Festival (17-19 June) 2011:

‘Were you there the first time? Did we not Pull The other One ?
Well here we come again and this time with bells on.
Back by popular demand, Boothby Graffoe completes his performance along with London Variety and Speciality impresarios The PTOO Team; Players skilled in the craft of the obscure and surreal plus local exponents of the art ,songster Tim Woodhouse and Poetess
Jo Bell.’

Tickets sold out last time, so grab yours, a bunch of friends and enjoy an evening of extraordinary cabaret, exceptional beer and some very odd performances. We’ve only just recovered from the last time. Actually we may never be the same again…

Sat 11 Dec 8pm doors and bar. 9pm performance.

£15 table, £10 without.

Tickets from : Waterstone’s & Margin Music and from www.barnabyfestival.org.uk

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