Thursday, 5 March 2009

Your Fresh loop is ready

The latest loop is ready to be e mailed to you. If you are on the email list you will have just received it but if not contact us at Er, just one thing, we are a little embarrassed as it is in a slightly unmanicured state, having not had its final edit. That said, it is a case of send it to you now or you wouldn't get it till the middle of next week, as our designer is away. So we've taken a deep breath and decided to be brave and let you see it in it's raw, untweaked state. So please be kind and overlook those ghastly typos and oddities. Gulp.

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Owen said...

My first Loop event. Good venue, free food, interesting conversation and two entertaining novelists and did I mention the free food - thanks Ronnie. And a big thanks to the Janes who made it all happen. My first Loop event but certainly not the last. Looking forward to see what other treasures are to be discovered.